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Bildung Entwicklung Tanz

- Educational Development Dance -

About us

The platform is the result of a long research work by Paolo Fossa and the collaboration with Judith Elisa Kaufmann, who provided her experience and knowledge for the project.

Paolo Fossa
International teacher and lecturer for contemporary dance and improvisation.
Dancer, choreographer, director, actor.

He is the founder, co-founder and director of several dance education programmes for both the professionalisation and transmission of dance on a national and international level.
Certified in dance and medicine, he has been involved for years in the transmission of a vision of dance focused on the physical and psychic empowerment of dancers while fully respecting their individuality.

Another strength of his work is in the teaching, conception and development of programmes for the integration and research of movement with non-normative bodies.


Judith-Elisabeth Kaufmann

University lecturer, dance scientist, certified ballet- and dance pedagogue. International teacher and lecturer for dance medicine, dance science and dance pedagogy
Former ballet dancer (stage, film), actress, choreographer
2005 Founder and Principal of the Academy for Dance Pedagogy & Dance Medicine, Austria  (
1998 Head of Body, Art & Expression School for Ballet & performing arts (
Author of books on dance medicine and dance pedagogy; medical publications on dance medicine and dance science; novelist and writer of stage- and screen plays
Board member “” Dance Medicine Austria.

Kaufmann Judith-Elisa.jpg

What is BET
BET is a platform dedicated entirely to education. Education In Dance and Through Dance.. The project came about thanks to nine months of research supported by the dance funding programme DIS-TANZEN, which is funded by NEUSTART KULTUR, an initiative of the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.
And thanks to the support and cooperation of Judith-Elisa Kaufmann.
Our aim is to initiate a constructive discus
sion in the world of education, especially in the world of dance, but also starting from this, about the contribution that dance as an educational tool can make to the development of a person's physical, intellectual and spiritual education.

Our interviewees are dance students, professional dancers, dance teachers, but also school teachers, university professors, choreographers, theatre directors, directors of associations and heads of educational institutions, therapists, researchers, scientists, doctors and politicians.


Through their words, their testimonies, we would like to paint a picture of the educational system in Germany, but also in other Western countries, in relation to dance today.
It is also our wish and intention that the platform enables both the audience and our interview partners to get to know each other and create new networ
ks for contacts, support and cooperation.

The interviews were conducted in German and English, but since January 2022 they are mainly conducted in English to make them accessible to a wider audience.
Only exceptionally and at the explicit request of our guests will German be used.

This is just one of several initiatives that the Education Development Dance project plans to implement. Further projects are in the planning stage.

Who is the platform aimed at?
Our platform is aimed at everyone who works in and with dance or simply likes and practices dance.
It is also aimed at all those who believe that development can only take place through education and that education must be constantly developed and that dance is a tool for education and development.

How it works:

The platform was launched on Saturday 11 November 2021 and to date contains 65 interviews, including introductory interviews by the two creators of the platform: Paolo Fossa and Judith Elisa Kaufmann.
Every Saturday of the week, a new episode, a new interview is published.

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